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Stuck for ideas? In a food rut? Shut that recipe book and learn how to be creative in the kitchen with healthy veggie food. This workshop will guide you through some simple ways of combining ingredients (flavours, textures, nutrients and colours) and also some Indian street food recipes (using locally available ingredients). Some examples of Indian street food you may learn -

Veg toast sandwich

Beach side bhutta (corn)

Bhel (spiced rice puffs - make your own Bombay mix!)

Bring along an interesting or difficult veggie ingredient to mix things up a bit and help get those creative juices flowing!

There may be some hands-on preparation and participants get to eat all the dishes (of course!). Just bring an ingredient and lots of enthusiasm! See you :)

Contact me to register for the event

Fee: £10

Starts at 3.30 pm on 11th May ‘14 for about 2 hours (or more if needed)

Other details will be provided on registration.

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